Security Lighting

To help members prevent vandalism, burglaries and other crimes, make play areas safer for children, and let you stay outside longer to enjoy outdoor activities. Crow Wing Power will install on our poles and rent to our members, security lights, owned and maintained by us. In operation, these lights are not metered, and are automatic.

Our security light program includes:

  • security lighting fixtures that operate automatically from dusk to dawn (by way of a photo-eye)
  • cost of the electricity (security lights are not metered)
  • maintenance of the light, including bulb and light replacement


  • No Pole Required (uses existing CWP Pole) $350.00
  • New Pole(s) Required $1,200.00/each
  • Underground Secondary (when needed) $6.00/ft
  • Overhead and Underground Primary (when needed) $12.00/ft
  • Installation costs can vary depending upon local conditions
  • 42 W LED (Dusk-to-Dawn) $9.00/month
  • 42 W LED (Dusk-to-Dawn) WITH SEPARATE TRANSFORMER $26.00/month

To sign up for security light service, contact Crow Wing Power during business hours at (800) 648-9401.


Members requesting a Crow Wing Power security light are responsible for securing necessary permission from adjacent property owners to both install and operate security light equipment. If neighbors object to the light trespassing on their property, the security light may be removed.

Please note that several cities have enacted ordinances against light pollution. These may severely limit the type of lighting that may be used and where this lighting is placed. Crow Wing Power's fixture may not meet these standards.